about us

bettybeatz… feminist.queer concerts in Bremen.

We’re a group organizing shows with the aim of opposing under-representation of women/queers and their friends on stage. We want to create a space where women, lesbians, trans* and intersex people can relax. Therefore we invite everyone to reflect on gender hierarchies and their impact on every day life and try to avoid sexist behaviour (men playing topless on stage or making sexist comments, trans persons getting attacked when using the bathroom of their choice…) as best we can. Of course we also want to enjoy great evenings and have lots of fun – with music we like!
Our concerts are non-commercial and d.i.y. (do it yourself) – the money left over goes directly to the bands or to other (political) projects.
We try to keep the entrance as low as possible. But with our revenue we will at least reimburse/cover travel expenses and if possible – even more. Vegetarian/Vegan food and sleeping places will be provided for you – a charming, chaos air… is included. The concerts take place in non-commercial spaces. We consider ourselves feminist.queer in order to avoid confining ourselves to any gender specific identification.
We’re looking forward to any kind of request, demo or contact and we’re open to almost any kind of music.
Bands that are in any way sexist, racist, anti-Semitic, transphobic, homophobic, or disrespectful in any other unreflected way ARE NOT WELCOME!!!

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